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Sunshine Challenge

Feb 16th - April 4th 2021

The period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday is called Lent in the Christian Calendar. It is a time when Christians think about the sacrifice and celebration of Easter and how we can become more like Jesus. 

This year we want to spread a little joy and kindness around in our communities by 'Passing on a little Sunshine'.

The idea is that we all try and pop a little treat on someone’s doorstep in our community to bring a smile to someone’s day. 

It can be anything from flowers from your garden, a bar of chocolate or a card with a word of encouragement on it.  For more ideas see this link.

If you add this card with your act of kindness then the sunshine will keep on being passed around.

If you would like to say thank you to the person who left this on your step take a photo and post it on the St Eligius Facebook page.

To let others know you’ve been a participant in the Sunshine Challenge please draw a picture of the sun and stick it in your window or download a picture from here.